The programme reflects a new approach to trauma conferences.

There are no lectures on ketamine

Each of the seminars and workshops will provoke discussion and debate about how to improve our trauma systems and the care for our patients. Innovative, thought provoking speakers from outside of medicine are blended with seminars on world class trauma care.

Day 126 April 2018
Day 227 April 2018






Professor Patrick Maxwell

Day 1 of the 2018 Cambridge Future Trauma Care Conference.


Scene Setting: Trauma Systems and Training


Keynote Lectures


Clinical Keynote: Trauma Clinical Sciences

Dr Ed Barnard

Traumatic Cardiac Arrest - Opportunities for Interventions.


Non-Clinical Keynote: Flash Teams in Schools

Dr Rob Loe

How do teams in schools play nicely?


Thinking Beyond Resus

Reducing injury, improving care, understaing consequences.


Managing Risk in Aviation Experimental Flight Testing

Mr Rob Boyle


Mid-Morning Break

Refreshments will be served in the foyer.



Improving Trauma Teams

Dr Simon Mercer

Understanding why teams don't work.


Patient Experience of Massive Trauma

Mr Adam Shailer

What happened after I left hospital?



Lunch will be served in the foyer.



See workshops section.



Refreshments will be served in the foyer.


Non-Clinical Keynote: Excellence in Performance Development

Mr Steve Eaton

Reducing harm within teams


Poster Prize presentation

Presentation of short listed posters.


Paediatric Contentious Case Masterclass: Multispecialty analysis of complex paediatric case

Dr Anna Maw & Dr Saraswathy Sabanathan